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This was sooo excellant!! I want to give it a 5 or more, but You left one step of the instructions out so I can only give you a four, perhaps you will correct it and I will change my review to a 5 which it deserves. Step 7 is to set aside the potatos/celery/broth mixture; and is never mentioned again, I know it needs to be added to the bowl with the other veggies and sauce, but someone else might not know. So now the real review ... The flavours were wonderful ! but instead of boiling the chicken I cut into cubes and browned them in a frypan, to get nice brown bits and deglazed the pan with chicken stock in the same amount as if I had boiled it and used it the same as instructed for the potato/celery mix. Also added some black pepper with the poultry season to the white sauce. Other than that I followed the recipe. The biscuits were really wonderful, lovely crunchy on the outside and soft inside, delicious!! I will definately be making this again, the best ever pot pie, thanks for posting it!!!

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Derf January 20, 2008

Too many pots and pans! Also the recipe which maybe I am missing something never says when to add the potatoes and Celery with chicken broth to the recipe. It did not say how much water should be in the pot that you use after boiling the chicken? I was wondering why you could just not add the potatoes and celery raw to the rest of the vegetables ? I would suggest adding a can of cream of chicken soup and chicken broth and skipping the pot with the potatoes ,celery and bouillon chicken cube into the sauce. The crust was tasty and we put it under the broiler to brown. If I made it again I would throw every thing together and make the crust with the buttermilk.

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Suzanne C. December 23, 2013

Really amazing flavour!! However, it is very time-consuming & I think I dirtied every pot & bowl in my kitchen. And, I'm really glad I read the other review about adding back the potato mixture - I wasn't sure if it needed to be drained or not so I ended up draining them. I also found that the biscuits were quite dense & didn't rise to cover the whole chicken/veggie mixture.

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Debbb March 24, 2012
Chicken Pot Pie with Buttermilk Biscuit Crust