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This soup was just what my daughter was craving. She saw a coupon for Sweet Tomatoes restaurant that showed their Chicken Pot Pie Soup and wanted it so I did a quick search and found this. My method was just a bit different than listed but I kept the ingredients the same for the most part. I cooked the chicken breasts in the crock pot all day and made chicken broth at the same time. I removed some of the broth from crock pot and boiled my potatoes and carrots uncovered in the broth until there was only about 1 cup of the broth left. I added the cubed chicken and the peas, melted the butter in a measuring cup and stirred the flour into the melted butter until it was smooth. Then I added the butter/flour mixture slowly into the pan and then the milk, brought the soup to a simmer and in about 5 minutes it was thick and absolutely delicious! I served the soup with biscuits and it was a big hit in my house!

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Sooz Cooks November 08, 2010

Thanks for this great recipe, starnover! Just had a big bowl for dinner on a snowy evening. Paired it with a spinach salad and Honey Oat Bread (#4218). YUM! I made these modifications: used one glove of garlic instead of garlic powder, used 2 C half & half and 2 C chicken broth, white whole wheat flour. Will make again and again.

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Daddy's Girl February 08, 2010

So yummy! I made it for my mom and I, and we ate the whole thing with leftovers for later. Awesome in crunchy bread bowls. I switched the peas for lima beans though, since lima beans are full of protein, and I took it easy on the margarine and flour. Overall, really good!

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Jacabus July 24, 2009

This was a great and easy recipe. I used frozen veggies in a bag to cut my prep time, and a little more flour to thicken it up. It was super delicious. Best recipe for pot pie soup.

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caroline450rod June 03, 2009

This is the perfect winter food. I also add more vegetables and less potatoes. I have made it with skim milk as well. I generally quadruple the recipe and freeze it for a quick winter meal. I also use #82958 Perfect Pie Crust. I just roll it out & bake it and then put some of the broken pieces on top of the individual bowls of soup. That crust is so easy & so flaky. It really is perfect. Just be sure to use butter flavored Crisco and no substitutes.

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Rebecca L Davis October 04, 2008

I loved this thick creamy soup. It is perfect served over biscuits in a bowl. Next time I think I'll add sauteed mushrooms and a 1/4 tsp poultry seasoning and some chopped celery leaves for variety. I plan to make ahead as flavor develops overnight.

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windywood January 03, 2008

i made a big pot of this soup for dinner tonight, and my whole family loved it, this is a very easy soup to make, the only thing i did different was to add a couple cloves of garlic. Thanks for another great recipe homegirl.

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supernova March 21, 2007

GREAT SOUP!! I will be making this often, so good and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing.

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Luv2cook February 25, 2015

Very good recipe...a hit with our family! I bought bread bowls at Panera to serve it in...kids loved it! I used a bag of frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, green beans), which saved time peeling and cutting carrots (microwave the veg. first). Also used minced garlic instead of garlic powder, and instead of 4c whole milk, I used 1c 1% milk, 1c half & half and 2c chicken stock. Still turned out nice and thick (just be sure to add the liquids slowly and stir constantly). Now I just need to figure out how to spice it up a bit. It was a little too bland. More pepper maybe? Will definitely make again. Thanks!

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MNmom2two April 09, 2013

This recipe is a keeper! I used the same vegetables except I switched celery for green pepper and switched white sweet potatoes for regular, subbed ground white pepper for black pepper, added bouquet garni and poultry seasoning, swapped a can of coconut milk for regular milk and used chicken base (4 cups, with 1 cup vegetable stock). Also used potato flour to thicken with although since it was so thick I had to add additional water maybe next time I'll start with 1/4 cup then go from there - tastes great! Pre-cooking the vegetables and chicken greatly speeds up the cooking.

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janet_fowler October 02, 2012
Chicken Pot Pie Soup