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Last night we had this for dinner and what a pleasure! DH really had to travel in and deal with -45% temps both on the roads and in getting from one building to another. This was hot and waiting when he got home and he dived into it after a hot shower. It was delicious comfort on a plate. We really liked the crumb stuffing top too and, honestly, I wouldn't change a thing here.

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Annacia February 20, 2013

Very good and simple! This was easy to put together and it was a real family pleaser. I will make it again. Thanks for sharing.

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Lainey6605 July 08, 2009

A comfort plus here! What a great recipe to bring the cows home and have this baking happily in the oven. Bring a big spoon and a good appetite because this fills every hungry pang you have in your stomach; and does a excellent job at it too. As Lori Mama, I used my own dressing that had been made with some stale homemade bread. I followed this exactly although halving this recipe. I did have already sliced matchstick carrots, so instead of dicing, I used these already prepared. Oh we loved this, Lori Mama! Thank you so for posting! Oh yes, one more thing, I had a couple stray grape tomatoes that I threw in the mix when baking, that's why in the photo you might catch a glimpse of the a small tomato. Made for *PAC* Spring 2009.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm March 23, 2009
Chicken Pot Pie Bake