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This recipe is hilarious!! I cut it out from Family Fun Magazine and knew I had to try it! I teach a kids cooking class on Wednesday nights and I thought the kids would get a kick out of this. The look on their faces was priceless when I showed them what we were making, especially since Canadian Thanksgiving had just passed. When I finally explained what we were making, we all had a good laugh and the girls had a great time making and shaping their own pot pie. I simplified the recipe by creating "open-faced" pot pies by using premade and baked tart shells. I make the same recipe three weeks in a row for three different age groups and in total about 200 pies will be made. thanks so much for posting this fun recipe!

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* Pamela * October 25, 2006

This is such a fun recipe! I used to run programs for Girl Scouts, and this is one of the recipes we'd make with the girls, but with just a few changes... We called it "Chicken Not Pie," and used fruits instead of all the candy! It tastes just as amazing if you use diced peaches (for the carrots), pineapple tidbits (for the chicken), diced pears (for the potatoes), mini-grapes (for the peas), and small bits of diced mango (for the corn). It's super-yummy, and it sneaks 2 servings of fruit into your child's diet!

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wickedkricket April 01, 2013

I substituted white chocolate irregularly cut/crumbled instead of apple for the chicken, and used mini marshmallows instead of banana for the potatoes. I also found a 6-pak of mini pie graham crusts, so was thus able to skip the pie crust prep steps. 1 vanilla pudding pkg was more than enough to fill the 6 small pies (had some left over). Everyone loved them and thought they were a blast. I should have made 6 more to meet the demand ;-)

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samhouch2 April 01, 2012
" Chicken Pot Pie"