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Delicious! The use of curry powder is a nice change-up from regular ol' chicken pot pie. I used one sheet of the puff pastry dough to line the bottom of my pie pan (chicken pot pie has to have a bottom crust, imo) and the other sheet on top. Had to add a little extra milk (about 1/4 cup more) to the veg/chicken mix because the sauce was a bit too thick.

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wj1 March 29, 2011

Used soya milk and margarine in order not to mix milk and meat and the puff pastry was made with margarine too. Otherwise made it just as stated. Very filling and very good. The curry sure gives the roux a zing, next time I'll probably use two teaspoons, love the taste. Will also try with separate serving dishes as the previous reviewer suggested. We had a great meal tonight, thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo May 18, 2006

OK I used the theory of this recipe... First off I was making Turkey pot pie (not chicken) with leftovers from Thanksgiving. I had smoked turkey so I skipped the curry powder. Also I used real pie crusts (as you can see from my hubby, Troy Hakala's photos) Best Ever Pie Crust!, over individual serving dishes instead of puffed pastry. Still, this is a great recipe. I am not convinced that roasting the veggies did much to the flavor, other than just make sure that most of the water was removed. I will say that using individual serving dishes this recipe was really hot out of the oven and even after 10 minutes of cooling my guests were still burning their tongues, so if you do use this method, I would suggest taking them out and letting them cool for 15 minutes or more. Will make again.

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Gay Gilmore November 30, 2005
Chicken Pot Pie