Chicken Pizza Packets

Total Time
15 mins
25 mins

From TOH-Quick Cooking. A fast, easy, and yummy grilled dinner.

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  1. In a big mixing bowl, add the chicken pieces, olive oil, zucchini, pepperoni, green pepper, onion,garlic, oregano, basil, and salt and pepper; toss to combine.
  2. Coat 4 (12-inch square) pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil with non-stick cooking spray.
  3. Place one-fourth of the chicken mixture onto the center of each piece of foil.
  4. Fold foil around chicken mixture and seal tightly.
  5. Grill, covered, over medium-hot coals for 15-20-25 minutes or until chicken juices run clear.
  6. Open each packet (carefully) and sprinkle with tomatoes and cheeses; seal loosely.
  7. Grill 2 minutes more or until cheese melts.