Chicken-Pineapple Spinach Salad

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Addictively good! You can skip the chicken to use it as a side salad to pair with other things too!

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  1. Layer salad with spinach/lettuce mix, pea pods, green onion, pineapple & chicken.
  2. Top with dressing & enjoy!
  3. (You can adjust the amounts of the ingredients in the dressing to suit your taste, and if you want, season chicken with ginger & garlic!).
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This is really fresh and flavorful. The layers of flavors blend really well. The textures are great and diverse. It's a wonderful summer recipe. Very refreshing. And super super easy! I used pre-packaged chicken strips because I had them and this was a last minute meal. So zero cooking! Loved it! Everyone at the table thought so too!