Chicken Pilau

READY IN: 45mins
Recipe by ferdosb

it is rice with chicken and whole masalas, made by fryying onions, cooking chicken, and adding rice. you can have this rice with currys,karahi dishes,meat dishes or with yoghurt this dish originates from the sub-continent a favourite as a sunday lunch with karahi, meat currys i am going to give the recipe the way my mom made it and i have been making it just like that and a fav with family and friends

Top Review by naila-k

This recipe was really easy to follow and the method of when to add things was explained very well, but i think my cups must be twice the size of this chef as I had to add 2 green chillis half tsp chilli powder and also a tsp of garam masala and extra tsp of cumin powder at the end! I would def make it again just add more masala. Also I got a bit confused once i added the rice, was i supposed to leave it boiling or turn iut down? anyway to the suprise of my sis in law it came out perfect! i'll keep the fact i used a recipe secret! lol

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  1. wash chicken properly and put aside.
  2. soak rice in cold water.
  3. finely slice the onion.
  4. heat oil in a saucepan, add the onions and all the masalas(spices)keep a little water ready for onions when brown.
  5. brown the onions, brown in the literal sense not golden and not burnt.
  6. add ginger, garlic and the water which should be around half a cup,let it boil, you will notice the colour of this will be slightly brown, this is because of the water we add to very brown onions, this gives the pilau a s hint of cream colour when ready.
  7. now add chicken, fry chicken in the onions and masalas,the half cup should have dried up by now(when you add chicken).
  8. fry until chicken is tender add water if necessary, make sure the meat does not break, add the yoghurt about 2 tsp of salt or to taste and cook until yoghurt is dry.
  9. now with the the same cup you measured the rice, measure water we will need 5 cups of water filled to the brim, add the water to the chicken, let it boil.
  10. drain the water from the soaking rice and add rice to boiling water and chicken.
  11. let rice boil, taste salt if need be add more according to your taste.
  12. when water is almost dry, holes will form on the rice,reduce heat to very very low, use a simmerer if u have one, not necessary,.
  13. before covering rice sprinkle the cummin over the rice.
  14. cover with a lid that does not let steam escape from saucepan.
  15. leave on simmer for about ten minutes.make sure rice does stick to bottom of pan, if it does it will burn easily and rice will taste and smell horrible.
  16. when you lift lid to check the rice, the rice should let out a lot of steam and water should have dried, turn off heat mix the rice with a big fork like salad or serving fork,the aroma will be so good just scrumptious.
  17. you chicken pilau is ready, enjoy.

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