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A couple years ago my husband worked with a guy from Italy that had invited us over for a meal. He had made, among other things Chicken Piccata - which we both loved. This recipe is very close, if not exactly, what it tasted like. Love it and will make it again! Just to note: I had no way to "pound" the chicken breast so simply cut it thinly horizontally to make thin breast cutlets. It says to cook through after flouring but I just browned them - about 3-4 min per side, took them out to keep warm while I made the sauce in the pan then returned cutlets to cook in the sauce and finish cooking - maybe another 4 minutes or until I got it a bit "thickened" (cheated and added an extra pinch or two of flour to get it there). So yummy and worth the effort to go get the good wine, Italian parsley and juice the real lemons! Thanks for posting this one!

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immeasurable July 13, 2011
Chicken Piccata