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I must admit -I didn't follow this recipe exactly... I ran out of phyllo half way through and had to improvise with wonton wrappers. We actually liked those a bit more! The filling was fantastic though -you could practically eat that on its own!

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Adopted Parisian June 07, 2006

This recipe contains lots of good ideas and was easy to put together. I liked all of the ingredients, but had to omit the red pepper. The portabello mushrooms added a slight meaty texture to the filling. I was expecting something a little stonger in flavor, but can’t put my finger quite on what is missing. Garlic? A tad more ginger? Coriander? Serving with a sauce of some kind might add to this dish too. Don’t get me wrong, these were pleasant and we enjoyed them. They would be a good item on an hor d’erve tray that offered several contrasting flavors. With a tad more filling & a sauce, I could also see them being served with a pretty salad for a ladies luncheon.

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Susie D February 19, 2005
Chicken Phyllo Mini Tarts