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This was good, but was, with some personal inventions, made amazing. My wife & I omitted the cheese, and served these with some delicious Orange Sauce on top of brown rice with broccoli as a side for an incredible & easy to prepare dinner. It was much better than the original recipe with Parmesan & Fennel (yuck!) - we tried that once, gross. Red sauce does NOT go with lemon zest to our palate. Lemon zest mixes so much BETTER with Asian flavors. As does this recipe, when you omit the cheese.

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brijpow November 19, 2014

These meatballs were so good. The hint of lemon was a very pleasing taste surprise. FYI, the original recipe from dinneralovestory's blog included 1 Tbsp chopped parsley, so the instructions to mix the first 11 ingredients should only include the ingredients through the lemon zest. I didn't have pizza sauce so I substituted a jar of pasta sauce. I used 99% fat free ground chicken and was concerned the meatballs might be too dry, so I added some of the pasta sauce into the meatball mixture. They turned out wonderfully!

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IreneS February 27, 2014

i omit the fennel, just personal preference since fennel is such a strong spice and it reminds me of sausage. plus I hate biting downon whole seed. <br/>we tried this (from another source) and prepared just as directed except that we used fresh made marinara instead of pizza sauce (that is what we had on hand) and we ate over noodles.<br/>I was not overwhelmed but my sister loved them. <br/>I believe these would be better served with the pizza sauce and in a crock pot as an appetizer instead of a meal. just roll the balls smaller for bite size servings.

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Shawn C April 27, 2013

These are really good, and a lighter choice for a warm spring or summer meal. I love the lemon in the meatballs. I used a jar of marinara instead of pizza sauce to keep it lighter. I made them smaller, so there were 20. And I cooked them in the sauce in the crockpot (high 1 1/2 hrs, then low 3 hours). They were so tender, just the way I like meatballs. Thanks for posting!

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Recipe Reader April 10, 2013
Chicken Parmesan Meatballs