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This is absolutely wonderful - so delicious and very quick and easy to prepare. I have made this maybe a hundred times over the years, and my family never tires of it. If I could contribute just a few small tweaks: do use a large onion, and slice it so it remains in rings. If you sprinkle the chicken with some flour seasoned with black or white pepper before browning it will definitely enhance the flavour. So that the chicken doesn't stew and boil before it browns, you may want to use a large open frying pan, not crowding it too much. Add the garlic to the pan just before the chicken is finished so the garlic doesn't brown too much and get bitter. For convenience I like to throw in a whole can of purchased chicken broth and an equal quantity of sour cream because my family really loves the gravy. And you can very comfortably increase the amount of chicken to your own requirement without compromising the integrity of this fantastic dish. Whether you choose the regular paprika or the smoked Hungarian type, make sure it is fresh because it really does make a world of difference. If you plan to make this ahead of time, I have found that it's much better not to add the sour cream until the chicken is reheated first. This will maintain the smooth creaminess of the gravy, as will not boiling it after adding the sour cream. This is such a scrumptious dish, and the completed dish is a magnificent colour that is so appealing. I made this as a very novice cook for my first dinner party 30 years ago, serving it over noodles on my fanciest platter and what a winner it was then, and what a winner it remains today. Thank you very very much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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csgeddes June 04, 2012

This dish is so hearty and will really warm you up in the winter. The recipe is simple and requires ingredients that you probably have laying around. In addition, it's easy to make it healthier by substituting skinless chicken and low fat sour cream- none of the taste is sacrificed! I've also found that using smoked paprika adds to the flavor. This is a comforting, flavorful, and easy recipe that you will revisit as the air cools and fall turns into winter.

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rtoto January 02, 2010

While I thought this was a tasty and easy-to-make dish, hubby did not like it at all. I used boneless skinless chicken breast, so I'm sure that made the dish more bland than it would have been with skin-on or bone-in chicken. The flavor is otherwise pretty bland. I used more garlic than the recipe called for (because I like it) but could have used even more. I also put in quite a lot of pepper. It could have taken even more easily. If I make this again, I might try smoked paprika, but it will have to be a time when hubby isn't around. (He requested that I don't make this again.)

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Cook In Southwest September 12, 2014

Easy and so yummy! I'm always hunting for easy chicken dishes. This one perfectly fit the bill :) In place of the sour creme or crème fraîche I used greek sheep yoghurt. For the flour I used 1 tablespoon sweet rice flour and 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Worked excellent and really tasted wonderful. Thanks for sharing!<br/>Made for the Cook-A-Thon in memory of Gideon.

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Mia in Germany February 24, 2014

Excellent Zurie! I made some creme fraiche for this receipe and took this to a church meeting. Everybody loved it. I put a layer of brown rice in a 9" x 13" casserole dish and poured the chicken and sauce over the rice. I'll make this again.<br/>Red

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Red Apple Guy February 11, 2014

My son and I made this dish this snowy evening. I used boneless, skinless chicken cause it's what I had. My son liked his with a lot of pepper. We had it with rice and it was a nice compliment to the chicken and the sauce. Thank you Zuri for sharing. Next time I will use chicken on the bone with the skin :)

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Oolala January 21, 2014

I thought this was very good, but my husband found it to be bland. I used one whole chicken, cut up, and made it almost exactly as described but left out the onion due to allergies. Somehow, one cup of stock added to the pot turned into four cups of sauce; it took some time simmering it down to bring it to the right consistency. Might add a little more flour next time.

I served with mashed potatoes, and liked the gravy over the potatoes. Here, too, I thought it was good but dh thought it was bland.

I'll probably make this again, but add some spice to align it more with my dh's tastes. I do think this recipe would make a good company dinner, especially if you don't know the company's tastes well - as the description states, it's very inoffensive and I think most people would enjoy it even if they might not be WOW'ed by it. It's pretty and looks like something you slaved all day over. It comes together pretty quickly, though. All in all, a very good meal. Thank you, Zurie!

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JeannaLW November 08, 2011

I don't know why I didn't review this until now.I've been making this recipe for three years and passed it on to my sister and my mom.Garlic is a must! I liked it over thick noodles.

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littlemafia July 05, 2010

This is a terrific dish Zurie. My dh & I enjoyed it very much. The flavor was excellent, the chicken was moist and tender with an absolutely delicious sauce. I didn't change a thing and loved how quick and easy this was to make. I used thigh meat, it worked really well. Thanks so much for sharing this treasure. :)

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Baby Kato March 29, 2010

A winner for the farm! *Here ye here ye* a proclamation to be sounded through the hollow and into the valley below. "This is an amazing, zippy, smooth, and mouth-watering dish that will make you so happy you will do a jig with the cute, fat, neighboring pig!" I didn't change anything. It was so flavorful and so darn easy, you would of thought you made it in your sleep. Oh wait! I did change one thing. I got the healthy boneless-skinless chicken breasts, (thought I had bought chicken thighs) I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them since I had it, and decided this would make a wonderful use of such. That's it. The only change. Added some nice ground pepper to the top, and danced the jig with the neighboring pig! Thanks so much....will make often. Made for *French Country Herb Spice Month Paprika* March 2010

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm March 08, 2010
Chicken Paprika (Paprikás Csirke)