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Wow! This was a bit of work but it was well and truly worth it!! This recipe is as good as any I've had in the Thai restaurants around here. I was a little nervous about trying a Thai dish as I've never done one before but there was no need to be nervous because the directions were good and the flavor was just awesome. Nice job, Megan. Keep those recipes coming. Made for PAC 2007. (:

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A Good Thing October 03, 2007

This is the first time I have had to give such a low rating. I have had pad thai out and love it. This recipe did not taste even remotely similar to any pad thai I have had. I'm VERY sorry to give such a bad review...:(--10/28 I just received an email from Megan and this review really angered her; my review is not meant to be malicious but an honest review of my family's feelings towards the dish. Once again, I'm sorry we did not like, everyone's taste is different. Someone else should try this recipe and hopefully they will love it. I feel bad that I have upset Megan so much. To quote the Zaar authorities, "Well, everyone has different taste buds, so even though you and your friends & family may love a recipe, not everyone will feel the same. Sometimes it just boils down to a difference of taste. Take pride in the fact that your friends & family think its a winner and please don't take another person's opinion of your recipe as a personal insult. They are rating their experience with your recipe, not you personally."

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Vicki in CT October 28, 2007
Chicken Pad Thai