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For my family the flavor of these spices and herbs are perfect.I used thigh quarters , skin on bone in ... Chopped in half 2 celery sticks,2 large carrots , a peel on onion. ( gives the broth a beautiful golden color.) I added 3 bay leaves along with all the other spices and herbs Then poured in 2 cans of chicken broth and enough water to cover. cooked on a low sinmmer for 90 minutes , Pulled out the chicken and dumped the big veggies , the dog loves them . pulled the chicken off the bone , disgarding the bones and skin , then chopped the chicken and back into the pot it went.Diced up another onion ,carrot and a sweet piece of celery heart tender and light green with the leaves on. Completed with home made egg noodles 95311,( the best) cooked the veggies and noodles together in the broth . and served with as salad, and bread sticks 137629 Made with matching herbs & spices from the chicken broth. served berry cream chees coffee cake for desert 24768. A complete ZAAR meal . LOL

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Debbiekitchenwench November 25, 2006

Yes! Pure comfort food! I made this last night with a few minor changes. I used bone-in breasts that I took the skin off of, added 2 sliced carrots and celery stalks, my onion flakes were REALLY dried when I went to use them , so I added in a couple slices of chopped onion - AND - I used fine egg noodles.I tore the chicken off the bone and added that back in the pot when the noodles were almost done. Couldn't be better, and we all decided it was a keeper.Much easier than my chicken soup, so I will be making this often this winter. We're going to refer to this as "Chicken Noodle Soup Without The Soup." Thanks!

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HEP MEP November 16, 2006

This was my first attempt at Chicken noodle soup. It turned out great, the kids loved it! I think I might try using star pasta next time. Thanks for the great recipe Grandma!

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cricket1176 October 01, 2006
Chicken & Noodles