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WOW! An absolute GREAT way to use up leftover chicken!! This is so very good!! I used leftover grilled chicken as I made wayyy too much for one meal. Although, like another reviewer, I found it a little too dry for my taste. Since I didn't have ALL the ingredients on hand, I substituted low-fat sour cream for the yogurt; broccolli instead of peas; and water instead of chicken broth. I also omitted the mushrooms and added a 15 oz can of diced tomatoes (drained them). It came out absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS. However, next time, I am not going to drain the diced tomatoes, for added flavor and moisture. I will most definately make this again and again!!

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ChardonianCook July 21, 2008

A nice change to our routine meals. This is a great one dish recipe. I used a slightly different version for the white sauce(made it only using milk, a little margarine and flour) and added some ginger and chili garlic paste for spice. Also used a lot more veggies-almost all leftover veggies like a little yellow pepper, celery. I quite liked all the veggies in here. Also, I substituted the breadcrumbs for panko and the wheat noodles for the regular version. Thanks, it was a great hit with my husband. :)

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wannabecook@21 June 29, 2011

This recipe needs much more flavor. It was very bland and none of the family liked it much.

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jenhurst June 14, 2011

Everyone in my family agreed that this dish's flavor was overpowered by the whole wheat noodles. They are an ingredient that needs distinct seasonings. This dish didn't work for us.

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Shana Macey May 11, 2009

This completely lacked flavor for me. My husband gave it an OK, but, overall, the thyme simply wasn't enough to give it the flavor I really expected from a tetrazzine.

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NavyWife'nMom October 21, 2008

We loved this recipe, very tasty. Couple small changes. Decreased noodles & increased chicken (actually used turkey) a couple ounces each. Found it abit dry so next time I'd increase the milk/broth mixture also.

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Mustang Sally 54269 May 26, 2008

Oh boy, so easy and so good, how can that be with so little fat and calories? The skim milk works just fine (I used Parmalat). The only changes I made were to use regular instead of whole wheat noodles, plus I threw in the tail-end of some black olives and some chopped pimients which I needed to clear out of the fridge--just 3-4 Tbs of each. Definitely a keeper.

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echo echo March 30, 2008

My family really liked this recipe. My picky daughter even asked for seconds! I did find the preparation to be a little more than I had anticipated. I think when I make it again I will make it when I already have cooked chicken on hand. Having to cook the chicken, noodles, sauce, etc. all at once was frustrating. I might also add some diced red pepper for color and a little zip.

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schroomie February 14, 2008

Wow. This was absolutely wonderful. I would have never belived it was lower in fat. Didn't miss the higher fat ingredients at all. I'm not sure about thyme, so I used oregano instead. I sauteeded about 3/4 of an onion in canola oil spray and added that with some crushed red pepper flakes to add that extra little kick for our taste. I also added a couple more tablespoons of parmesan and breadcrumbs, again for our taste, but I don't think that increased the fat content significantly. My first Chicken Tetrazzini, but not my last. Thanks SQ for a wonderful light dinner.

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~Nimz~ February 09, 2008

This is total comfort food all wrapped up with a big bow. I had extra chicken left over from a roasted chicken, so was able to use this and added all light features that the recipe indicated. There is no way you could tell this was lightened up at all, and a outstanding recipe to help all of us stay healthier. I particularly liked the ground thyme addition couple with the yogurt and mushrooms just made this really delish. The frozen peas tasted no nice, and we enjoyed this dish immensely. The only addtion I used was chopped onions and a bit of garlic which I added in with the mushrooms while the light buttery spread was melting. Perfect, and thanks SusieQusie!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm October 05, 2007
Chicken Noodle Tetrazzini - a Little Healthier