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Nothing is as healing as a good bowl of chicken soup and this is a great one. I cut the recipe in half and worked with what I had on hand which was a pound of chicken strips and some really wide noodles. Really enjoyed the clean simple flavors of this soup, thanks for the pammyowl for the post you will be missed but never forgotten.

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Debbwl November 21, 2013

My 7 year old DD planned the dinner menu this week, and chicken and noodles was on the list, so I asked her if she'd be interested in making Pammy's chicken noodle soup. I made it kid-friendly by giving her frozen chicken tenders instead of the whole chicken. I threw in some cannelloni beans for some added protein, and she left out the celery, but it was absolutely delish and she made it herself, so she is so proud. I will remember you fondly whenever she makes "Pammy's Soup". Made and enjoyed in honor of pammyowl. You will be missed.

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**Tinkerbell** November 11, 2013

Yum! Made exactly as written without discarding the vegetables. The noodles were boiled separately. Very nice tummy pleaser :) Thanks for sharing!<br/>Made for Ramadan Tag 2013 / N*A*M*E Forum

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Mia in Germany July 21, 2013

I made this soup almost exactly as written, but I cooked my chicken quarters and veggies in broth in a crockpot over night on low for 8 hours. The meat literally fell of the bones by morning. I removed all the meat and bones to a platter, wrapped them and put the meat in the fridge. I strained the broth into a large stock pot to remove any of the veggies and misc scraps. I then placed the pot (covered) in the fridge to cool. The next day, I skimmed off the hardened fat on top and I reheated the broth (the broth was gelatinous, but it turned back to broth when heated). I added fresh diced veggies to it and boiled for approx 5 minutes. I added "No Yolks" egg noodles to the broth (I did not need to add any water or broth, since I was using a large, electric roaster/crockpot and completely covered the chicken to start). I brought it back to a boil, and then lowered to a low boil/simmer (stirring occasionally). Meanwhile, I chopped up the meat (that wasn't already shredded) and added it to the pot about 5 minutes before the noodles were done. This soup was excellent. Thank you for posting your recipe. (Made for New Kids tag)

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rosie316 May 28, 2013
Chicken Noodle Soup