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Made for Comfort Cafe Game. This was pretty good considering I've never had anything mole before I didn't cut the chicken as mine wasn't getting done and it was getting too brown. So I took the chicken out of the pan, made the tomato sauce portion and put the chicken back in. Then I removed the chicken again and stirred in the cocoa. I think that next time I make it, I'll cut the chicken in strips first like one of the other reviewers did. Thanks for posting this Engrossed!

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LARavenscroft January 02, 2009

Review Tag 2007 ~ This was really nice! (I also just realised I forgot the feta!) I cut up the chicken into strips first, then let them sit in the chili powder, salt and pepper for about an hour or so before frying them. I also added all the spices to the tomatoes and just poured it all over the chicken after it was returned to the pan. I could really taste the cumin and the cocoa powder. Very interesting mix of flavors. I did add a bit of water at the end to make it more juicy. Served with orzos. Will definitely make again and hopefully remember the feta! Thanks Engrossed.

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CulinaryQueen November 13, 2007

I guess I expected this to have a little more pizzaz. I tasted the chicken as I was slicing it, and really liked the flavor. When the sauce was finished, each of the distinctive flavors seemed to fade away. I played with the leftovers by adding more cinnamon and cumin, and added a little tomato sauce to make it saucier and was pleased with the result. I think this could be a great recipe with a little tweaking. Thanks Engrossed for posting this one.

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lazyme September 23, 2007
Chicken Mole