Chicken Liver Pate With Sour Cherries and Sage Toast

READY IN: 38mins
Recipe by Elly in Canada

This is a great pate recipe! I have made it with dried cranberries and added 1/3 cup chopped pistachio nuts. Yummy!

Top Review by ldb 2

thank you, I have written this one down to try.

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  1. To make the pâté:.
  2. In a small, covered bowl, soak the cherries in the brandy overnight at room temperature.
  3. Then drain cherries, pressing out brandy, and reserve cherries and brandy separately.
  4. In a large sauté pan, heat the butter over medium-high heat until melted.
  5. Add the onions and cook, stirring often, about 3 minutes, or until translucent.
  6. Add the garlic and cook 30 seconds, and then add the livers.
  7. Sprinkle with salt, allspice and pepper.
  8. Cook about 2 minutes, turning livers as needed.
  9. Add reserved brandy and increase heat to high.
  10. Cook until livers are just done, and brandy/juice has cooked down until pan is almost dry, about 1½ to 2 minutes.
  11. Immediately remove from heat and place mixture in a food processor.
  12. Process until smooth, then add reserved cherries (and nuts) and pulse just enough to mix — not to chop them.
  13. Pack pâté in a 2-cup crock or pâté mold.
  14. Cover surface with plastic wrap and chill pâté at least 4 hours, can be prepared up to 3 days before serving.
  15. Serve with Sage Toast.
  16. To make Sage Toast:.
  17. Heat oven to 375 degrees.
  18. Meanwhile, heat oil and sage in a very small pan until just warmed.
  19. Remove from heat and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes to infuse sage flavour.
  20. Lay out baguette slices on a baking sheet and lightly brush slices with the oil.
  21. Sprinkle with salt and bake for about 10 minutes or until crisp.

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