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Hi all! I'm a LONG time employee at PF Changs and BamaKathy's recipe is almost spot on. Although there arent any bamboo shoots in the original recipe, it looks like it would be a nice added touch. After we cook the ground chicken, we chill it along with the mushrooms and the water chestnuts. We take that mixture, heat it through, add the sauce, and throw in the scallions for the last couple minutes of cooking. As for our "special sauce" we serve with it tableside, that consists of soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, sugar, green onion, sesame oil, water, chili paste, and hot mustard. Hope this helps.

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BrittBall January 14, 2010

this recipe is pretty darn close!! I work at PF Changs... just no bamboo shoots for sure... or chili's..... special sauce.. which is potsticker sauce ( You apply on top of wraps) is made with chili oil, sesame oil, sugar, water, soy sauce, white vinegar, and green onions... you may add chili paste and hot mustard after for heat.... hope this helps!!!

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candice7 July 01, 2011

Okay... these were SO good and very much like PF Changs! I've made another recipe on here that doesn't even compare to this one. I am so pleased!! We used butter lettuce because they make nice cups, but I won't do that again, it needs to be iceberg for sure. Another reviewer mentioned MAIFUN rice sticks for the white crunchies that PF changs uses and that was right on, they were super fun to fry up too! I also read somewhere that the special sauce started with potsticker sauce, so we used that and mixed in Sambal Oelek and spicy chineese mustard to taste and it was really close. I used one pound of ground chicken, omitted the bamboo shoots and used white mushrooms... a whole 8oz. package since I didn't use the bamboo shoots. Thank you SO much for posting!!!

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HeidiSue July 18, 2010

I don't care what anybody says. These ARE PF Chang's lettuce wraps! I made these for a monthly cook-off my family has, and everyone who's had PF Chang's said they were the real deal!! I used Baby Bellos (Didn't feel like dropping $5.50 for 6 oz!), and left out the bamboo shoots (Never had 'em from Changs with them). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting! Oh, a word of caution: when frying your cellophane noodles, gently place them in the oil with tongs.

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rothiii March 14, 2011

This is a prettty good recipe however, I remember a sauce or a dip that goes along with it while you are eating it don't get me wrong very tasty! Oh yeah, if you want the same consistancy as the bean thread noodles at pf changs DO NOT follow package directions. They tell you to soak noodles in wa.ter. That is not how it is done. Simply heat a light tasting oil (like vegetable) and submerge them for about ten seconds. The noodles expand and have that crispy light texture like you see at pf changs. Thanks for the tasty dish!!!

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mrsshorta September 02, 2007

I made these just a couple of days ago and I can't say enough good things about them. I added way too many veggies so I doubled the sauce and it was perfect. These taste to me like the ones served at Pei Wei. I've never eaten at PF Chang's but why would I need to now after discovering this recipe, thank you BamaKathy.

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Bingster B. November 10, 2013

Super easy and super delish!! Made a great dinner! I used flank steak instead of chicken and just cut it into bits. Thanks!

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mishi206 January 08, 2012

I made this one for my girlfriend who absolutely loves these things from P.F Changs. They were a hit she loved them, thought they tatsed identical.
Suggestions however would be to make more of the cooking sauce to really coat everything nicely. The sauce has an amazing flavor but following this recipe it doesnt leave much. I whipped up some more sauce after we all had one wrap to eat along with the rest. Thanks C

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Charlie'sHungry September 14, 2010

I chose to omit the chiles and I couldn't find bamboo shoots. I also didn't have dry sherry. This was still very good with the omissions.. We will make this often because even the picky husband liked it. And that is very rare. Thank you for the recipe. 3feb 2016. This IS a great stir fry sauce. Love it!

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nisea916 February 03, 2016

These lettuce wraps are great and one of the best ways to get my nieces and nephews to eat some veggies. I leave out the chillis and bamboo shoots and increase thr cooking sauce by about a quarter. I used the ingredients in the comments by the PF Changs employees to make a dipping sauce. Its a little different everytime because I dont measure-I just add stuff to taste but its always good. The only other thing I do is finely shread some fresh carrots to spinkle on top because we like the taste they add. I've made them with finely diced chicken breast as well a with ground chicken. They're fun for the kids because they get to help make the sauce and they love building their own wraps. Getting all of the ingedients for the sauce and marinade was a bit of an investment initially but we make these once or twice a month. And if you like stir fry the sauce ingredients are great to have on hand. Thanks for this one, BamaKathy.

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BlueFriday August 19, 2014
Chicken Lettuce Wraps Like Pf Changs - Copycat