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Simply SUPER! If using leg-thigh pieces with the skin ON, I always loosen the skin a bit and use my fingers to put a bit of the rub between the skin and the meat. Works great to get those flavors into the meat. Sous Chef Bently stated he/she had problems with charring. Instead of using regular white sugar, I ALWAYS use TURBINO sugar in my BBQ. Has a higher melting temperature and does not char. Gives a GREAT brown sugar taste, too! Turbino sugar used to be hard to find in stores but I think most of them are starting to carry it now. Look for "Sugar in the Raw"

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Witch Doctor April 28, 2008

The flavor of this chicken is outstanding. I cooked it over indirect heat then browned over direct heat. However, I found this is more of a rub than a marinade. I mixed all the ingredients in a small bowl and slathered it on the chicken. I refrigerated on a plate covered with plastic wrap. This recipe goes into my hard copy "Family Favorites" cookbook. Thank you Rita, for posting this.

UPDATE: Since I started using this recipe in 2007, the powers that be decided that injecting chicken with a "flavor enhancing solution", was the way to go. I finally figured out why my grilled chicken was no longer getting crispy! I now buy only organic chicken for the grill and am again enjoying Rita's fantastic recipe.

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Deely September 20, 2012

I made a big batch of this seasoning mix today and sprinkled it over 2 cut-up chickens then drizzled with olive oil. I marinated for about 5 hours and my husband grilled. The flavor was really good and the meat very juicy. This was so easy and everyone loved it! Probably the only change I might make next time is to add a little more garlic. Thanks for posting this great recipe!

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Chris from Kansas November 14, 2010

Very nice marinade. I did this recipe with 8 drumsticks and it was just about right. I used a one gallon freezer bag and added the dry ingredients with the chicken first and gave it a good shake. Then I added the olive oil and worked it around a bit before throwing it in the fridge overnight.

It helped alot spreading the dry ingredients before adding the oil, as it does get a bit thick if you mix it all up right away.

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Just starting out August 08, 2010

I wouldn't consider this as a marinade, or even a rub, very thick like paste. Unfortunately chicken legs and thighs (fatty skins) are grease fire magnets. The overall taste was garlic and just a little bit of saltiness. Next time I would spread this mixture underneath the chicken skin, with hopes it will melt into the chicken rather than getting burned on the grill.

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lets.eat May 29, 2010

VERY GOOD and yet very easy. I followed your recipe exactly, but used 2T of each spice instead of 1t. That worked out perfectly to season a whole cut up chicken. DH couldn't stop raving! He's already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow.

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Crisci August 01, 2013

Oh my. I didn't expect much from this recipe, but I was wrong. I decided to use this "rub" rather than a marinade since I wouldn't be able to turn the chicken turning the day to ensure an even distribution of flavor. Of course I was almost out of paprika, so I had to substitute chili powder. Plus I used raw sugar. It was terrific. I grilled the chicken legs and they were juicy and flavorful. Really, really great.

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fiveholts714_7648015 April 07, 2013

These were just fantastic! Will make these a lot. Thanks for posting such a wonderful recipe.

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gwynn July 25, 2012

I rarely give 5 stars but did this time! It was pouring out, so i used the oven instead of grilling. 1/2 hour in oven @ 375, then under broiler for 5-6 minutes each side to crisp, brown, and finish. I took the advise of other reviewers and used brown sugar, put a little under the skin. I didn't use a shake bag, just sprinkled seasonings on oiled skins.

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grampy1939 April 20, 2012

It was a crowd favorite! I was a bit surprised, because the recipe is so simple ... "equal parts" of ingredients. And I think that using sugar & paprika was a new one for me ... and I love to grill. I used chicken thighs. Final product was moist & juicy & delicious. The food just flew off the plate!

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woodstacker January 01, 2012
Chicken Legs Grilled