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For years I've rated all the recipes I use and discover: 1-5, with 5 being high and I NEVER make anything under a 4.5 again. Well! After we ate this for supper? My husband insisted it is higher than a 5 and I had to give it an 8! He's always been the harshest judge, but not this time!

For me, lo-carb recipes are my goal. This one is perfect! I used mild chili powder vs. spicy. I had 1/2 & 1/2 on hand vs. heavy cream, the result was too milky, it didn't thicken up, but the flavor remained spectacular! Finally I used the chicken breast for me, but boneless/skinless chicken thighs for him.

Again - an astonishing success!

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JWS September 29, 2011

Well, it sounded good? I went to Brennan's website 2 see what side dishes were served with this....found nothing. But, whoa, the menu...everything sounded so good! So, I decided 2 give this a try, and yes, I like a lil heat, so I added a bit of cayenne pepper. The flavor was just OK 4 me. I like my food hot (as in temperature) and Idk if lowering the temp to simmer the sauce cooled it quite a bit, but mine wasn't nice and hot? I watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate on TV last night, and foods were featured from New Orleans...man I gotta go there!!! Anyway, again, the flavor of this chicken was just OK 4 me.

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pccreative September 20, 2011

awesome dish. it does NOT taste like mole as the other reviewer states. I'm mexican and never tasted mole like this before.....the chili powder was extremely subtle, actually. anyway, it tasted great, a bit salty for me, but my husband with broken taste buds loved it. i was worried chicken would be underdone, but it all came out great. will definitely make again. served with roasted red potatoes and fresh green beans, and put the sauce under the chicken to make a nicer presentation. thanks for the recipe. easy and delicious is the best thing a new mom could ask for.

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veg chick 85 March 15, 2011

This recipe is so delicious!! I have made it several times. I like how quick and easy it is to make. I made it last night for my parents and they raved about it! I like to serve it with roasted cauliflower and garlic, and individual smashed potatoes. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Edited to add: After nearly burning the chicken breasts while sauteing them one time, I now cut the chicken into 2 inch pieces, dip and cover them in spices, and then saute them. This way I can cook them evenly and quickly.

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Leilani January 02, 2011

I have to say I was very excited and had high hopes for this meal because of all the raving reviews. I went ahead and doubled the sauce as most of the reviews suggested. My family and I were not too impressed. This was just OK. The chicken turned out extremely moist and tender and that was about all we were raving about. We felt the sauce lacked in flavor. I did pour this dish over a pound of linguine and cut the chicken into thin strips before cooking them. Maybe the pasta took away from the sauce flavor??? I will try to make this again and next will not use it over pasta, and will also double the seasonings and probably add some more of my own. Thanks for sharing this recipe though.

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cieradanielle November 18, 2010

Luby, I had to see what all the fuss was about, and am I ever glad that I did! This was so simple to throw together, and the end result was outstanding! I added a teaspoon of cajun seasoning to up the spice content a bit. Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly! I had a friend over for dinner and between the two of us we managed to consume almost the whole dish! Thanks for posting a true winner across the boards!

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yooper March 11, 2004

I'm not sure what to say about this recipe. We didn't hate it, (actually the kids said they liked it) but I don't think anyone will be asking for me to make it again anytime soon. I'd have to say it was just OK for us. Sorry.

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Cathyann March 03, 2004

You can add DH and myself to the list of happy campers!!! I doubled the cream because I wanted extra sauce to serve over angel hair, I also added about 1/8 tsp cayenne to kick it up alittle. This was one delicious meal....Thanks Luby

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Boca Pat March 03, 2004

Great dish to make after work. So easy and quick. I used 3 chicken breast halves, but all of the seasoning and sauce ingredients, and served it over pasta. The seasonings made a nice crispy, smoky "crust" on the chicken. Perhaps we've been living in the Southwest too long - for our tastes, next time, I will add just a little heat (cayenne or pepper flakes perhaps), as we thought it was just a touch too mild. I'd like to try it with rice, too.

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PanNan February 13, 2004

I must say it - OMG. This recipe was so simple and absolutely delicious. I really cannot say enough about this recipe. I have been telling everyone about it - my mom, aunts, friends, anyone who eats chicken. Thanks Luby !!!

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ksummers February 09, 2004
Chicken Lazone