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This is comfort food at it's finest. We have prepared it twice. (For a change I added thawed and drained chopped spinach to add color). Yummy either way. Thank you Salesgirl.

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Kendra Jean's Kitchen January 16, 2009

I don't usually make or eat lasagna but since this my adopted child I made an exception. Made it just as she stated. I don't usually make changes first time, 'cuz I want to review THEIR recipe not mine. Then if I don't like something or make a change next go around I do. The only thing I do first go 'round is leave out the hotstuff. I followed this to a "T" I baked the seasoned chicken for this and for her chicken salad recipe while I was at it. I liked this recipe. was delish, easy to make. Gave recipe to my italian friend as she helped test it and she said its a keeper Thank you for sharing

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MISSIB April 29, 2007

Supper tonight was DELICIOUS! I wasn't able to follow the recipe exactly....here's what I did: UNCOOKED noodles (stacked them as called for, then when all the layers were together, I added about 1 cup REALLY hot tap water along edges---covered with foil to bake--then uncovered to crisp up the top!) Subbed in two cans of mushrooms stems & pieces....AFTER the garlic and (dried) parsley were golden. Wow---that smelled g-o-o-d!!! Next time, I'll DOUBLE the amount of mushrooms and triple or quadruple the amount of garlic!!! Instead of breast meat, I used a QUART of canned chicken meat (butcher our own chickens each summer, so I can our own chix stock and broth, and pick the meat from the carcass and cann it). Purse strings are tight--no prosciutto (not that I wouldn't like to have it in there!!!). Subbed cottage cheese for the ricotta (whirled it in the blender to make it nice-n-smooth), then added a bit of Parmesan to give it some "body." To the sauce I added about a tablespoon of crushed thyme. It reminded me of the gravy in my chicken pot-pie recipe. Yummmy! Well....the family loved it! And wowww---it smelled good while it was baking. KEEPER!!!!!

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Debber April 12, 2007
Chicken Lasagna