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Although kiev is not a true Russian dish (It was made by an American chef to welcome Russian immigrants and create a more recognized Russian culture in NYC and thru out the U.S.) It is by far a wonderful recipe with many variations. I have my own that I get raves on all the time but which is made with soy sauce and uses no bread crumbs (only flour), and I wanted to try one as authentic to the original as I could find, so I chose yours. First off, I liked your instructions, very thorough. I liked using dill and black pepper, which is different and unique in lieu of salt/pepper. I left the lemons out, in keeping with the traditional Kiev, although I think it would be good non-the-less. When I went to fry them, I used half veg oil and half olive oil, then put the remaining seasoned butter in the pan as well. I cooked them over med/med high heat. after 10 minutes, they were nicely browned on both sides, but were not done in the middle, so I put them into a covered casserole dish in a 350F oven with the juices for 15 minutes and they came out perfectly done. The flavor was good, and the chicken moist. It did need salt though, and was very high in calories, and along with the extra cooking time, is why I gave it 4 stars. I also made mini Kiev's with the tenderloins of the breast meat for little appetizers (photo). thank you for sharing this one Uncle Bill, it was a pleasure to make. -Bird-

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2Bleu December 13, 2007

Thank you! The chicken came out so tender inside and crispy outside!Wonderfull technique explonation!I just added fresh parshley into the butter mixture and ommited dill..also used fresh garlic instead of garlic powder.Thanks again!

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Nigulya April 05, 2007
Chicken Kiev (Russian)