Chicken Kelaguen - in Depth

READY IN: 25hrs
Recipe by Lovellama

This is a spicy (hot) chicken dish from Guam. This version is more work than my other one, but is richer in flavor, in my opinion. Be careful with the hot peppers! Wear gloves if possible, and wash your hands thoroughly after, not touching your face.

Top Review by Pikake21

This is better the next day than it is the day it is prepared. The chicken really absorbs all of the flavors if you throw it in the fridge overnight. I crave this dish all the time, and since my friend (who would usually make it for me) has moved away, I wasn't sure that I could reproduce it myself! Grating that coconut was a headache, since we don't have the "easy" traditional graters that we hav back on the island. Also, there was little milk to squeeze out of the meat, so I used another can of coconut milk which turned out perfectly. After running out of lemon juice, I finished off with lime juice..and miraculously it turned out WONDERFUL! Thank you so much Lovellama for posting this recipe on here!

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  1. Mix soy sauce with lemon juice. Add finely chopped onion and peppers. Let sit a few days in the refrigerator to let the flavors blend.
  2. Marinate the chicken in the Finadene sauce overnight. Grill/broil the chicken, basting with the sauce. After it is done, cool the chicken, debone and shred it.
  3. Open the coconut and discard the liquid inside. Grate the coconut meat. After the coconut is grated, pick it up in your hands and squeeze it over a bowl to collect the milk. Mix the milk with an equal amount of lemon juice and chill.
  4. Mix the green onions, peppers, and coconut meat to the chicken. Slowly mix the coconut milk and lemon juice into the chicken, stirring well.
  5. Serve warm on or in pita bread.

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