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This has to be one of the most delicious curries I have made and eaten for a long, long time! And, I KNOW my curries! Well written and easy to follow, and well worth the effort of making up all your own spice mix and paste for this recipe. A VERY authentic curry flavour - which probably does originate from Afghanistan, as they use a lot of yoghurt, cardamom and coriander in their cooking. I cut this in half and made enough for four people - we had friends over for a curry lunch! As Malcolm does not like chicken breasts, I made this up with a mixture of boned legs, and thighs, as well as breasts. I used LOTS of coriander and also garnished the curry with flaked almonds, and yet MORE chopped coriander leaves! I served this with my own Saffron Scented Fruity Yellow Rice - Rice Cooker. I am adding this to my All Time Favourites Cookbook......just divine Oh Leggy One!!! Made for PAC Autumn 2007 - and my last recipe for this little bird, who is ready to fly the nest - thanks for providing me with such wonderful and innovative recipes to make Leggy - BRILLIANT! FT:-)

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French Tart September 23, 2007

This was really, really good, but staying true to the way I rate, I can't give it 5 stars. I used two tablepoons of oil (not 9) and when it looked like it might catch as the chicken was cooking, added a few tablepoons of water. I knew 1 tablespoon of salt was way too much for us so used 1 1/2 teaspoons of black salt (found in Indian grocers). Perfect. I don't like nutmeg, so halved that and omitted the mace (they come from the same tree). I believe curry should be made with bones in if at all possible, so used thigh cutlets and cooked about 30 minutes with the lid on in step 5. I'll be making this again really soon as it's wonderful made to suit us.

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JustJanS August 22, 2008

Reviewed for Aus/NZ Forum Recipe Swap Oct 2010. Delicious- mild, flavourful, spicey and creamy. My whole family enjoyed this one :) Didn't have any mace and couldn't find any at the supermarket....so left that one out. Definitely worth the making and even though there seemed to be a lot of ingredients and instructions/steps....this recipe really was easy to make and not too involved. Also the flavours really did develop....so well worth making in advance. Photos also being posted. Thankyou for posting this wonderful recipe Peggy

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**Jubes** October 09, 2010

This was a hit in our house! I think the only sub I had to make was using canned tomato in place of the fresh. Once all the ingredients are assembled the dish is super easy to put together. Served this with Classic Saffron Rice. Made for Aussie Swap.

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PaulaG March 21, 2014

First of all, this is a very rich dish. And yes you do need to use a considerable amount of oil to make out properly. Not nine tbsb, but least 4.

My introduction to Indian food as a kidwas Akbar on Park Avenue in the late 70's. I know this dish intimately.

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MrHing August 28, 2011

This was amazing, so easy to make too! I've made a few Indian dishes and this was by far the best one yet. Thanks!

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sepechacek September 19, 2009

I haven't actually served this yet...I'm still waiting for the family to get home.....but I have been taste testing and all I can say is.....I HOPE THERE ARE LEFTOVERS

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smiklos September 15, 2009

I should have read the recipe through and seen the 'make-ahead part .......... so the First time we had this, it was marvellous, and the second time... divine! We enjoy curry and this is so good, not hot, just so well-spiced and flavoursome. I did use boneless chicken fillets, and I had to omit the mace since I turned out not to have any (I have EVERYTHING in my pantry... but no mace. Sorry!) It doesn't take much preparation, and mostly just cooks away with a bit of supervision, so that you can get other things done, like cleaning the kitchen and putting on a load of laundry! :D Although I had made the full amount, and it was really only for DH and I... it's gone! So I will be making it again shortly, and will be sure to make it in advance this time. Thank you, Peggy, very much enjoyed!

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Karen Elizabeth February 02, 2009

Yum! We loved this recipe, I like the fact it was so easy to make and I can make it in the morning and heat it for dinner. I made the whole eight servings and froze half of it for when I am on afternoon shift. Thank you Peggy Leggy for your contribution to the Australia and New Zealand Food Trail (K)

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Chef floWer January 11, 2009

This is very delicious. This is my first experience with middle eastern cooking but the flavor is rich and good. It was really fun trying a new kind of food. I followed the ingredients per recipe except for fennel(dislike) and mace(didn't have any). This was very easy to make. Made for Asian Forum Tag.

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Lavender Lynn March 27, 2008
Chicken Kabuli (Murgh Kabuli)