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I made this for *Zaar World Tour III* - Jerk Seasoning: I substituted the cilantro/coriander to ground coriander because I didn't have the fresh one at home and I used red chilli because scotch bonnet peppers is not available in my area. Kebabs: On the wooden skewers I just used the chicken and char-grilled the vegetables separately from the chicken because I didn't have them all at home, then I used the vegetable as a side dish. Rice: Kept to the recipe except I didn't use the optional cilantro/coriander. Little Miss (DD) ate the rice with the side vegetables as the chicken was too spicy for her. Hubby and I really liked the taste, it was wonderful, even though I didn't have the chicken and vegetable combination on the wooden skewers I still had the same jerk flavours and if the Caribbean taste like this, then I'm on the hammock! Great work team

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Chef floWer July 05, 2007

Starting to wonder if the Scotch Bonnet peppers from my Jamaican grocers in Brooklyn are different from what others are getting. For me this jerk was delicious and flavorful but searing hot; none of the spicy sweet balance mentioned by others. My jerk did have a nice bit of grassy herbal flavor from the onions and thyme and while the allspice seemed like a lot, it as in perfect measure. The mangoes in my market were not quite up to snuff so I made a quick improvisation and used ripe plantains instead. Of the assortment, I thought the peppers and sweet potatoes were better than the others. Fresh pineapple would have been a great addition as well. The yucca, in particular I thought did not add to the dish. The coconut rice was just fabulous and added a flavorful but cooling contrast to the kebobs. Gret work here!

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justcallmetoni July 02, 2007

What a delicious and spicy Caribbean feast! This made so much food it filled up every inch of my BBQ grill. The marinade was awesome and after only a few hours the chicken was ready to cook. The only thing that did not work well for me was the cooking of the sweet potato. I boiled longer than you said, but it was still not thoroughly cooked after being on the BBQ. I couldn't find yuca in the store, so we missed out on that. I cooked the rice in a rice cooker and then added coconut milk and cilantro when it was fully cooked. It was deliciously different and went well with the skewered food. (Your description said the rice included cilantro, but it wasn't on the directions. I thought the rest of the food would have enough onions, so we skipped onions in the rice.)

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Mama Cee Jay June 27, 2007

We really enjoyed these kabos. We especially loved the addition of the pineapple and the mango and, of course, the sweet potatoes! The rice is also very tasty with the coconut milk. The recipe seems like a lot of ingredients but it comes together fairly easy. The result is well worth it! Made for ZWT3 2007.

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Lainey6605 June 27, 2007

Awesome Kabobs Guys! My family and I loved them. DH especially loved the rice! I was really "jammin'" on the sweet potato! What a great addition to the kabob, Mon! DD loved the pineapple, and kept trying to steal mine! Tasty, spicy-sweet and delicious!!Made for World Tour.

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Bert's Kitchen Witch June 19, 2007
Chicken Kabobs