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This stuff is awesome!!!! I made this on the weekend with other Asian dishes. I substituted the chicken for beef strips. What an amazing flavour. Just like the locate Thai food restaurant. Thanks Sue for posting. Deb

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newfie wanna be November 10, 2008

This curry is fantastic. I made it for dinner last night for DH and I and we both loved it. However, I didn't have any bamboo shoots, so I added some julienned carrots and some sugar snap peas. I also didn't have red curry paste, so I had to use curry powder instead. I love the flavour the kaffir lime leaves give to this dish and the bit of heat from the chilli is good too. I only added one chilli as I don't like my mouth burning too much, but my husband said he would have added more if he made it just for himself. The only thing I will do next time is to halve the amount of fish sauce or use soy sauce instead as it was a little salty for our tastes. We will definitely be making this curry again. :)

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Sazza October 05, 2008

I absolutely loved this recipe! (Of course I have always liked red curry.) It tasted just like the red curry chicken I got from a Thai restaurant last week. The only things I would do differently next time is a little less curry (I used 1.5 tbsp) and a little less lime (4 instead of 5 leaves). I may eventually consider making my own red curry paste for a unique flavor.

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Picky Eater August 25, 2005

DH and I were craving Thai red salmon curry so I used this recipe and substituted salmon for the chicken. It turned out as good or better than the salmon curries that we've tried at various Thai restaurants. I fried two salmon filets for a couple of minutes on each side, peeled off the skin and cut the filets into large chunks. I added the salmon to the curry sauce when I added the zucchini. I also added a sliced red bell pepper, a sliced onion, and a juliened carrot. I could not get kaffir lime leaves so I substituted the zest of one lime. The only other change was that I added an additional 1/2 tsp of brown sugar after tasting the curry. This was so tasty that I will be making it again. I am very glad that I doubled the recipe as we are looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow!

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beckas October 16, 2004

I love this! It's just perfect Thai to me. We followed the recipe, except omitted the zucchini and used a red bell peppers and a couple mushrooms. I love it, I love it! Just simple, wonderful flavors with the coconut milk, curry paste, basil, keffir lime leave and the yummy bamboo shoots and veggies and chicken. I love how Thai food is so easy and so simple and SO DELICIOUS! I would recommend this recipe for people unfamiliar with Thai food, because I think it gives you a good impression of the basic flavors without being too extreme, is really easy and absolutely scrumptious.

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Roosie July 21, 2004
Chicken in Red Curry with Bamboo Shoots