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This makes a lot, lol. As I was figuring how much I needed for two I got down to 1 serving and made that. It easily fed DH and I with a bit left over. If you have teenage guys who will eat their own weight in groceries in 2 days this is the recipe that you need :D. We both liked this a lot but it seemed that something was a bit off. It's very likely that this was just from my reducing the recipe to a single serving as changing amounts will change the outcome if not done carefully. I don't know how to adapt to smaller or larger amounts other than just using amount changer on each recipe so for that reason I'm not giving this a set number of stars. Please don't be afraid to try this recipe because we did like it and I really think that if the full amount is made that it will be excellent.

I also want to add that I used chicken bits instead of pieces. One day I ask a market butcher to debone a package of two chickens.

I expected to get back two whole chickens with no bones for stuffing. The guy didn't even give me back deboned recognizable pieces but seriously mangled bits, some as small as a quarter! I used a bunch of those which could have altered the needed cooking time a lot, as I said I know that changing the amount of a recipe can change the outcome.

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Annacia February 06, 2013
Chicken in Onion Buttermilk Gravy - Slow Cooker