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I learned a new Italian word recently, and I love to use it wherever it applies ... "Insaporire". Let me quote from Marcella Hazen... (quote: "It is regrettable that among English cooking terms there is no (neat) equivalent for insaporire, the verb Italians have derived from their word for taste... saporire. A literal, if awkward, translation is "making tasty". A crucial step in the making of most Italian dishes, insaporire is what you do to draw out and develop the flavor of a single or several ingredients...unquote ) Bergy, you have captured the essence of insaporire, beautifully, in this recipe when you instruct us with each step to saute and remove from the pan. Steps 1 to 4 are perfect examples of insaporire... saute, add additional ingredients, saute, remove from pan...set aside. Then at Step 7, it all comes together to create an exquisite Frittata... Before placing the pan under the broiler to brown the cheese, I did add the sweet red pepper... Wonderful, Bergy; I am delighted with your recipe, Bergy, and would encourage more people to cook and review your Frittata... The recipe goes into my cook book, and a copy on my work table for future reference. Once again, thank you for sharing your talent...

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TOOLBELT DIVA April 01, 2005
Chicken Frittata Florentine an Italian Fusion Recipe