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This is pretty good and I'd have given it five stars, but it has three problems that need remedied. First it really is a little bland as written. It needs garlic. Second, the onions were not cooked through and third, the frozen peas were hard inside. My husband, who spent the first 8 years of his military career stationed in Japan, refused to eat it. In addition, it took only about an hour to make although the recipe says 2 . Luckily, the first time was a test run and I just made 1/4 of the recipe. My cat enjoyed it while I tried again. The second time I changed things up just a bit. I added a little more than a TBS of minced garlic and stir fried it in 1 TBS olive oil along with the onions for two minutes, then added frozen peas, diced fresh carrots and some leftover lima beans from the fridge to the skillet and stir-fried until the carrots were crisp-tender. Then I stirred this into the rice and chopped leftover cooked lemon chicken (from the freezer), parted it up and froze 3/4 in freezer bags. The remainder I stir fried until nice and hot and added soy sauce to taste. I had to add maybe another tsp of oil during cooking just to coat everything evenly, but then I have a great non-stick skillet and nothing sticks to it. The second batch we gobbled up. Can't wait for a reason to get out another bag. Thanks so much for the base recipe. I used to make fried rice the old school way (a real pain and takes hours), but DH says this actually tasted better. I will never do it that way again thanks to you. Cheers!

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lovelemons September 18, 2011

We liked this but needed to add more garlic powder and onion powder. Also drizzled with honey b/c it needed a little something sweet. Did freeze a batch and it reheated just fine. Now when we have a little leftover chicken breast I'll chop it and put in freezer for when I make this recipe again.

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timelyone August 22, 2011

This is one of our favorite OAMC recipes! It is so delicious plus it's quick, easy and cheap! We use brown rice and frozen mixed veggies with corn, peas, carrots and green beans. Sometimes we skip the egg and add other things like fresh bean sprouts or snow peas and a yummy sauce. It is a great base for lots of things! Thanks!

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mandymershon May 15, 2011

I have made this several times pretty much exactly as directed. It is better out of the freezer because the onions are not as crunchy once they have been frozen and thawed, and the flavors have meshed more. I usually buy a rotisserie chicken, pull off all the meat, and use about 3/4 of it for this and 1/4 of it for chicken salad, then use the carcass to make stock (along with veggie leftovers from cooking that I keep in the freezer). I make enough rice to divide between 3 gallon freezer bags, and then once defrosted, use 2 eggs and 1/4 cup soy sauce for each bag.

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lauren losefast March 21, 2010

Great recipe. I only made half the recipe to test it. Since it was such a huge hit and so easy and economical to make, I have to write my notes here because this is going to be a regular recipe in my home. I made 6 cups of cooked rice in my rice cooker and cooled it. I baked 2 large chicken breasts, cooled, boned and chopped. I heated my wok to screaming hot and added about 1 tbsp veg oil, then 1 chopped onion, sauteed til tender and fragrant. Scooting the onions to the side, I added 3 beaten large eggs (I would have added more if I'd had them), scrambling as it cooked. Then I added some sesame oil, 1 lb frozen mixed Japanese veggies, the chicken, and several grinds of pepper. I then removed half the mixture to a large bowl, and added 1/2 the rice to the remaining mix in the wok with about 1/4 cup (or less) less-sodium soy sauce and stir fried. That finished, I then removed that to a large bowl, added the remaining mix to the wok with more soy sauce and rice and stir fried. I froze this in 6 individual portions for lunches or snacks to be served with soy sauce when heated. Thanks so much for posting.

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Southernhopsing April 06, 2009

I just ate my 1st frozen bag of 4. It went over very well with DH. Instead of mixing I put 1/4 of each ingredient into each bag. I then mixed the bag individually by shaking. I spread the meal out flat pushed out any air and sealed up. This will take up less space and broke up into managable pieces in the skillet to reheat. I added the egg and soy sauce when reheating as these items I always have on hand. I used fresh matchstick carrots instead of frozen as grocery store was out of frozen pea & carrot mix. I also used all brown rice which DH was unable to tell! Overall very tasty and healthy. The real test will be if DH can heat this up to feed himself & DS when needed!

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karafoulds September 19, 2008

This is our favorite! So easy and so good! <br/>I have 5 children and 15 grandchildren so we don't get to freeze any, we do get leftovers for breakfast. Tastes so good for breakfast. I'm so glad we found this recipe.

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DENISE M. March 16, 2014

This recipe doesn't make any sense. The amount of olive oil in the ingredients list doesn't match up with the amount listed in the instructions. The recipe says to use 4 cups of chicken, but that number doesn't change when you put in a smaller number of servings than the original (16).

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Atidir December 03, 2013

This was good-very versatile, which I love in a recipe. I added a stir fry seasoning packet, and used dark sesame oil instead of the olive oil.Next time I will probably add a little ginger puree.Makes a great side dish. Thanks!

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Retro Kali October 05, 2011
Chicken Fried Rice - OAMC