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there is nothing more beautiful than bacon (fat) wrapped in carbohydrates and cooked in fat in the world of food. Some will say "that will clog your arteries". I say that this elegant dish is not only an inspiration to mankind but the epitome and symbol of manliness and awesomeness. Eat it.<br/><br/>Seriously though, this is the best (and best tasting) idea that ever saw light. Bravo, says I, for being awesome.

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Canadian Bacon Eater May 30, 2013

Oh this is good stuff. Made it this weekend for a potluck and everyone loved it. I salted and peppered the flour, some garlic powder might have been a nice addition. The Chicken Fried Bacon is good enough on it's own but dipping it in the cream gravy made even better.

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HatesTooCook August 10, 2009

Made this recipe after seeing that it won the Texas State Fair in October 2008. I have now, by request, made it two more times. A little goes a long way but it is so decadent that everyone wants more.... Takes about an hour for two pounds cut in half, five pieces at a time. One of the new favorite foods of the Buben Verin along with bacon wrapped chicken livers - yum.

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cmichael December 31, 2008

I've been eating this for 40 years now and there is no need for egg wash. Simply allow the bacon to sit in some warm water to soften up. Toss it in some seasoned flour. Fry it in a bit of...what else bacon grease. It takes a bit longer for the fat in the bacon to render, but when properly cooked it is ultra crisp and not a bit greasy. Momma says every time a piece of chicken friend bacon is eaten a food nutritionist passes away.

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bullinlr May 13, 2015
Chicken Fried Bacon W/Cream Gravy