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Excellent meal!! Super easy and I also added a little water and more lemon juice and garlic.. Everyone loved it!

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teeth119 June 28, 2015

Yum. Will definitely make again!

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jpagano March 09, 2015

I thought this was a very exciting recipe. It was fairly easy and very clear direction. I was just left wondering "what would make this better"? My Mom and husband thought it was a 9.5.... I would say 8ish. I think some garlic and perhaps fresh mushrooms may make this a 10. I ended up adding some water and a little more lemon juice just for more liquid with the mash potatoes I made to accompany it. Thanks a ton for the great base recipe that I am going to use as a springboard for more! Way to go Brenda!

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932ninja September 25, 2013

I never season my flour. I feel that the seasoning falls down to the bottom. I season my egg wash with salt, pepper, onion powder and grated parm cheese. I also serve it with mushrooms and sometimes the artichoke hearts depending on who is eating it. Yum

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debchar33 January 09, 2013

This recipe is outstanding! Makes me look like a 5 star chef! I did tweak a few things which I highly recommend trying...makes for just about the healthiest francaise you're going to get.

First, I used tilapia instead of chicken. Tilapia francaise!

Second, I baked the tilapia, not fried it. Infinitely healthier!
I used whole wheat flour with the proportion in the recipe. I also added 1/4 cup panko crumbs (i'm not sure how much they actually stuck though because the flour got to it first...would probably skip this next time). I added a little extra seasonings to the flour mixture to make up for the extra crumbs. I coated 5 fillets, probably would have coated about 7. I put aside the flour for the roux before coating.

For baking the fish, I put the broiler on high, two rack spaces from the top and cooked 4-5 mins on each side. I also cooked them on a (lightly sprayed with olive oil to prevent sticking) rack, not on a flat pan. They came out perfect.

I followed all other specification to the recipe, except I crushed two cloves of garlic and added them at step 5 with the shallots and artichokes. I highly recommend adding this! Be sure not to burn the garlic! I did use the amount of lemon juice it called for--we like lemony francaise. When making for guests I would probably use a little less as it is quite lemony.

As for the sauce in general, it was enough for 4 out of 5 of my fillets. I would probably double the sauce recipe next time I make it.

If you do make it with fish, be very careful when adding the fish to the sauce because they can be very delicate. I broke a couple pieces off in this process. Still tasted just as good :) Make sure you make your sauce in your absolutely biggest pan!

I served our tilapia francaise with brown rice and garlic and olive oil sauteed spinach. Enjoy!

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CSGP February 28, 2012

Hi Brenda, we had this for dinner today and very nice it was too, I made it to the recipe and didn't change a thing. This was the first time I have eaten artichokes and I would have them again. I did find the lemon a bit overpowering so next time I would use a little less but thats just my taste. Thank you for a nice recipe. Made for PAC Spring 2010

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Tea Jenny May 03, 2010

Incredible, and so easy! I got praised all night by my husband and my (stop in on a whim) children. Somethings do change in this world but cooking will always be the way to bring 'em together/home. This recipe made last night a huge success. Thank you very much to the poster on such an original dish.

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leapa777 January 26, 2010

Very easy, delicious recipe. I've been cooking 3 nights a week for my boyfriend for 2 years now and this was his all time favorite... he is still raving about it.

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CookCookCookCookCookCook January 26, 2010
Chicken Francaise With Artichoke Hearts