Chicken Florentine Crepe (Ihop's Copycat)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

I just love this dish! I never knew how yummy spinach can be till I tried this entree in IHOP. It was a limited time only dish and when they took it out, I searched through the internet for the recipe but couldn't find one so I decided to take the matters into my own hands! This recipe is really easy and the ingredients may already be in your fridge! Serve it alone or with garlic bread or steamed veggies on the side. Notes: You can substitute chicken with leftover turkey or chicken rotisserie, lets face it, nobody ever eats those leftover turkey and rotisserie! You can also serve this as an appetizer. Just cook smaller proportions of crepes. And for those on protein diet, substitute the crepe with omelet!

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  1. Combine flour, milk, eggs, butter and salt in a bowl. beat until all the flour lumps are gone. the consistency will be like thin pancake batter. set aside.
  2. Sauté chicken and garlic on butter until golden brown.
  3. Pour in milk and cream of chicken. simmer. reduce to low to medium heat.
  4. After simmer, put the spinach and cheese inches keep stirring until the cheese completely melts. salt and pepper to taste. make sure the bottom wont stick. keep simmering until the sauce is reduced.
  5. While the chicken is simmering, start cooking the crepes. in a lightly greased skillet, pour about 3 tbsp of batter and spread it as thin as possible. do not flip. in about 1 minute, check the bottom side of the crepe if light brown. cook only one side of the crepe or else it will be crunchy.
  6. By the time you're done with the crepes, chicken should be done too. pour about 3/4 cup of chicken on each crepe on the center. wrap each side. top lightly with parmesan cheese.


Most Helpful

ok I've tried this recipe twice now. once with cream of mushroom soup and once with cream of chicken. I have to say I prefer the cream of mushroom better. one tip that I learned from the first time is to make all the crepes first putting them on a plate, then fill them and put them back in the pan to warm.

FrankR May 01, 2010

OOPS. new to this. for anyone reviewing my previous post meant to select 5 stars.<br/>Hope you can change!

sdeltova October 12, 2013

This is very close to the real thing! I went with half cheddar and half swiss but I think the real thing probably uses all swiss and I might do that next time as well. I added some sauteed mushrooms to it as well since I always wished there was a cross between these crepes and the garden crepes. One thing I did do differently however was to use my own crepe recipe I am used to. It's slightly different in measurements and from the looks of it is probably thinner. I also made a blender hollandaise sauce to go over top which was perfect.

CulinaryExplorer March 15, 2011

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