Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

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Total Time
5 mins
20 mins

A creamy delicious meal sure to satisfy the belly.

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  1. cube chicken and cook in 1/4 of butter. When chicken is cooked, take out and strain. Add remaining butter and melt in pot. Add cheese and milk. Add seasoning to mixture. Add back chicken to pot.
  2. Cook noodles on back burner. When noodles are cooked, strain and add back to noodles.
  3. Mix and Serve!
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This has GOT to be one of the worlds easiest and best recipes! I actually kept dipping the cooked chicken into the sauce (while waiting for the pasta to finish cooking)..that I ate it all...and put shrimp in with the pasta and it became shrimp fettuccine for the family instead! This is the most PERFECT recipe! A "keeper" for sure! Thank you so much for posting! xo LA :-)

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ok wow served this to 30 coworkers everyone LOVED it...

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Excellent recipe!