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Thank you for sharing this recipe! I recognize it as the one for which I have been searching in the Bon Appetit archives. (By mistake, I had lost or tossed the old magazine containing this recipe.) It is my absolute favorite chicken enchilada recipe, although quite labor-intensive!!! We like ours on the mild side so I go very sparingly on the green chilies.

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user225869 July 22, 2008

These are different enchiladas, but they are very good. We like our enchiladas spicy, so I used jalapeno pepper jack cheese and it was perfect. I was able to make 12 enchiladas with the filling instead of 9. Also, I made the sauce right in the saucepan using an immersion blender. This made quite a bit of sauce, so I think next time I will add more to the chicken mixture before rolling them in the tortillas. My family devoured these and proclaimed them a winner. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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Bayhill September 14, 2006
Chicken Enchiladas Verdes