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Excellent recipe. I made as stated, except left out the salt, didn't have green onions, so I sauted a 1/2 cup of reg. onions, and left out the cilantro (don't care for it), and it was delicious. I used leftover chicken from Kittencals-Best-Blasted-Rapid-Roast-Whole-Chicken. There's just the two of us, but I made the whole recipe, we ate four and I froze the rest for when I have "the boys" over for dinner. DH's 2 friends that can reallllllllly eat. I'm sure they will love it.

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Imagenie January 14, 2009

I no longer have to travel to New Mexico for my favorite style of enchiladas! Tasty red sauce is hard to find in Texas restaurants. These really did hit the spot. The only change I would make is to use half the salt suggested (this comes from someone who can't get enough salt). I can't wait to make this again!

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strawberry October 20, 2010

OUTSTANDING enchiladas!!!! If you are on food.com looking for an excellent, delicious, on-point enchilada recipe, stop looking and make these. My boyfriend and I are huge fans of Mexican food, and we like it on the authentic side. None of those "mexican casserole" type dishes where they want you to throw in taco seasoning and some meat and call it Mexican. Ugh. Our fav enchiladas come from a taqueria downtown where we live, and my boyfriend says he prefers these over the taqueria. This recipe is so yummu, from the red sauce that is full of flavor and easy to make, to the simple ingredients added into the chicken mixture.. comes out perfect. I don't understand some of the other reviews, where some people literally take every ingredient and substitute it. How can you write a so/so or negative review when you change everything? I don't change one thing about this recipe and it comes out divine. Instructions are well written. Make these.

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sdsmiranda October 26, 2012

OHMYGOSH!! This is my new fave!! I have been looking for a decent chicken enchilada recipe forever that wasn't just soup and sour cream, chicken and chilis (ick). This was FABULOUS! Everyone loved them. The only substitutions I had to make was I ran out of sour cream..so half sour cream, half whipped cream cheese. To die for. I couldn't quit eating the filling. I tried to make up for that by not frying the tortillas, just warming in microwave, but they kept falling apart. Can't wait to have more left over chicken so I can make these again and do it exactly right. The sauce is perfect (no salt added due to other reviews) and I am stoked to try cheese and/or beef enchiladas now. Served w/#35956 Refried Beans. Yum!!!!

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Crazy2day December 15, 2010

Made a half a batch of these and I did add some garlic and jalapenos to the chicken filling, had to use flour tortillas (didn't have corn) and then followed the rest of the directions...Very Very Good! Served with Salsa Salsa!#318416 by Chef#916598#916598 and sides of sliced avocado, olives and sour cream. Will make again...thank you!

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mama smurf December 13, 2009

This seems like a good base recipe. I didn't feel like going out shopping so I made some substitutions. Added extra chili powder because the sauce seemed bland and added cocoa powder and a little raw sugar. Didn't use any salt. Didn't use green chilis. I used chicken thighs instead of breasts and coated them with chili powder and baked them covered on 250 for about 45 minutes prior to shredding. I used flour tortillas instead of corn. I used pepper jack cheese. Turned out really good. Kids ate it up too (used cheddar for them). I would have used some red pepper flakes if they weren't eating.

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BajaVilla.com December 29, 2008

These were delicious! I made them per the instructions, didn't change anything. They tasted like the best enchiladas I had in restaurants. To save time on the day making this, I shredded the chicken the day before. I stored it in the fridge in some broth so it wouldn't get too dry - my mistake, because the chicken absorbed all the broth and made the dish a bit soggy. Looking forward to trying it again without that mistake - it will be great!

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Chocokind March 20, 2016

Loved this filling. I made with gr. beef and it was wonderful. Will try with chicken soon.
Served with gucamole and a salad.

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adopt a greyhound October 29, 2012

Im going to revamp my review because I absolutley love this recipe. My neighbors absolutely concur. Try it and you should not be upset. Perfect..

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Jeremiah Betty Minor July 23, 2011

YUM! These are the best I've made yet :) Even better than my own recipe! I added frozen sweet corn and omitted the green chillis because I had a small can of jalapeno salsa that I used in the filling - 1/2 cup - (so I also didn't add any of the enchilada sauce to the filling). These were soo good that DH and I ate all but the last 3! The cilantro and scallions really make this dish and the smaller amt of sour cream doesn't overwhelm the flavors. Thanks so much for the keeper!

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lolablitz January 27, 2011
Chicken Enchiladas