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This was really good, and so simple. The sauce was thick and rich, so not much is needed, unless you like things rich. Followed the recipe exactly :-) Made for the Aus/NZ recipe swap #19 Adopt-a-Joey August 2008

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djmastermum August 05, 2008

There were only 2 of us eating so I decided to half the recipe. I was so tired when I was making this, I can't tell you how many times I screwed up and it still tasted good!! First - I accidentally let the chicken stock boil down to nothing. I scraped all the crud off the bottom of the pan and tried again. Then when it was time to add the cream, I completely forgot that I was 1/2ing the recipe and I added the full amount of cream! We didn't have any drambuie but I researched and found that whiskey would be a suitable substitute so I added that (also no halved) into the pot. The end results were great tasting. Wonder how it would have tasted if I had made it all correctly! ;)

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HoserLauren February 27, 2008
Chicken Drambuie