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Thank you for sharing Jubes. My dh & I really enjoyed this dish. A quick and easy to make, simple green curry. The rice cases are a great idea. Not difficult to make, but you do need to keep your hands wet. We really enjoyed the texture of the rice prepared this way. Beautiful presentation with excellent flavor. :)

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Baby Kato July 16, 2010

Like fried rice, the trick to this is, when you make rice, make extra, so you always have cooked rice in fridge/freezer for super dishes like this. You're right about the wet hands to pat the rice into shape, but it cooks into lovely little cases, very suitable for a host of fillings. The curry was easily prepared, I used breast fillets, and I prepared a well-flavoured curry which we very much enjoyed, and so attractively presented in the cases! This is actually a simple dish, and yet would be sensational to serve for guests! Easily prepared ahead, I am looking forward to presenting a platter of these the next time I entertain!

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Karen Elizabeth August 25, 2009
Chicken Curry in Crispy Rice Cases