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Fabulous, Tisme, we just loved this, a real keeper!! I was a bit worried about a 'quick' curry .. you can never hurry curry! But actually it works wonderfully, flavour, sauce consistency, crisp vegetables in a marvellous fusion of taste and colour! I veered away from the recipe slightly, using shrimps rather than chicken, I sauteed my shrimps separately in butter and garlic, and added them just before serving. I also left my snow peas whole! Oh, I didn't have hokkien noodles.. I thought I did, but I didn't :( .. so faced with using angelhair or ramen noodles, I went with the ramen .. they are finer than hokkien, and I will definitely use the hokkien another time. but they did the job! I also used vegetable stock, and added a fresh tomato, chopped. All in all, fabulous .. this gave me three generous servings, supper for DH and I, office lunch for me next day. I could have stretched it to 4, but I'm glad I got to pig out, lol!!!! Thank you for this marvellous recipe, Tisme!!!!! Loved it!

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Karen Elizabeth December 17, 2009
Chicken Curry and Noodles (Microwave)