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Following Felina's suggestion, I also made these croquettes with the red onion marmalade. The croquettes with the sauce and red onion marmalade was amazing. Won an Iron Chef competition with these recipes! Easy and delicious!

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femme208 December 29, 2010

Hey, Beckerd! These were amazing!!! My DH had never had chicken croquettes and he raved about them. I had made the PA Dutch Chicken and Waffles recipe which was fabulous. I cooked twice the chicken called for so I would have enough to try your recipe. I made it exactly as directed and chilled the mixture for about an hour and a half and forming them just took two minutes. The sauce was PERFECT with the nice crisp croquettes. This recipe is a KEEPER! I also made the red onion marmalade (recipe #189190) earlier in the day and had that nice and cold in the frig. A nice addition to the hot and zippy croquettes! Thanks for posting!!!

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Felina November 04, 2008
Chicken Croquettes