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I made bread this morning and while I was at it I made a couple of bread "bowl" loaves for this recipe. It's absolutely delicious and kind of decadent. I followed right by the recipe and it came out beautifully. Normally I wouldn't have used heavy cream but I've been making ice cream and there was some in the fridge. One of the things was the mustard sauce, it added to the texture and really rounded out the flavors well. This makes two but they sure filling, DH and I could have shared one and been happy in this hot summer. I should mention that the sweetening from the apple juice not only flavors but seems to lighten this dish. All in all it's terrific! :D

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Annacia August 21, 2011

I made this by the recipe. It came out fine. It is more like 4 than 2 servings. I wasn't crazy about the dish, but I am not all that fond of thyme.

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pansregnig January 04, 2014
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