Chicken Con Broccoli (Olive Garden style)

Recipe by OceanIvy

My mother is a lover of Italian food,she really wanted this recipe after seeing the olive garden commercial.I finally found it online,printed it and attempted to try it.It is a great recipe,but unfortunatly,the steps did not include some important steps.So I dediced to pass along the easiest way to prepare this.I must say,this was a huge success.This serves 4 people,so you may double it to feed more of course 8) Good luck and enjoy it!

Top Review by Johnsdeere

I appreciate the effort put forth to post this recipe. I typically like to start with something positive prior to any negative feedback. I apologize in advance if my review comes across harsh, it isn't my intent. Unfortunately I was really dissapointed in this recipe. :( My husband and I order Chicken Con Broccoli every time we go to the Olive Garden. I do not feel like this was even remotely close to it. :( I feel the instructions should of elaborated more then "cook the broccoli". I boiled my fresh broccoli and feel that steaming would of been a better choice for appearance and texture. Secondly, the cooking of the chicken....if my memory serves me right the chicken is thinly slice chicken and has a light breading of sorts on it. In the directions it suggested chopping it up after being cooked and tossed with everything else :(.The selling points for me and this dish has always been the orrcheta pasta and lightly breaded chicken. This had neither of them. :( I do not recommend this recipe if you are looking for a copycat recipe.

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  1. First, cook the Broccoli.
  2. In a medium saucepan, cook the chicken in the olive oil, letting each side brown.
  3. Leave remaining oil drippings in pan, setting the chicken aside for now.
  4. In salted walter, boil the pasta, not quite all the way, (it will be simmered later).
  5. Drain the pasta, and place it back into pot.
  6. In the remaining olive oil from chicken, over medium, brown the garlic.
  7. When caremelized, add the heavy cream & cornstarch and stir well.
  8. Stir once in a while, allowing the sauce to thicken.
  9. When prepared, add the sauce to the pasta combining fettuccini pasta.
  10. Chop the chicken into cubes, toss in into pasta, add broccoi.
  11. Combine well, add in salt and pepper and the cheese.
  12. Enjoy!
  13. Remember, this is 4 servings, you may double.

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