Chicken Coating Mix

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by CookinwithGas

You know, I really hate it when a company starts mucking around with their 'formula' for a well-liked product...and then changes it! EXAMPLE: Shake 'n' Bake...a few years ago I bought a box and I immediately noted there was a difference from what I'd remembered...I swallowed my disappointment, never bought the stuff again and started looking at recipes...The following recipe is the best result of my research/attempts thus far...

Top Review by KGCOOK

Ran out of shake n bake so I thought I would try this one. I followed the recipe and used egg to dip the chicken in then into the coating mix. Baked at the degree and time noted in recipe. 350 is not hot enough for bone in thighs. Chicken was 1 hour 45 minutes to get done.Should bake at 400 for at least 45 minutes thn check for doneness. There was not a lot of flavor but I do think that this recipe would be better with more robust and flavorful seasonings. I did not need all of what the recipe made so I froze the rest and will use it with an Italian dish or meatballs or something. I think that this is oK but I think that it could be better. She has a good start on something here that could be quite good.

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  1. Place all ingredients in a Ziploc bag and shake well to combine.
  2. Store in a cool dry place and use within 6 mos.
  3. NOTE: When ready to use, simply grab some boneless skinless chicken breasts, dip them, one at a time into either water, melted butter, milk, or beaten egg; then place the dipped chicken one at a time into the baggie and shake to coat; then bake the chicken on an ungreased cookie sheet in a 350°F oven for 1 hour or until chicken is 170° or their juices run clear.

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