Total Time
Prep 1 hr
Cook 9 hrs

Feeds an army!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Saute bacon in skillet until bacon is crisp, you may have to do this in stages.
  2. Reserve a portion of the bacon drippings Saute onions dn celery in bacon drippings until limp, add salt and pepper.
  3. Combine all ingredients except flour, milk, cheese, and cream Cover and cook on low 8 to 10 hours, mixture will need a large crockpot Whisk flour into milk.
  4. Stir into soup along with cheese and whipping cream.
  5. I had to transfer have of the chowder to the stove to have enough room.
  6. If finishing on stove, stir until chowder thickens.
  7. If finishing in crockpot, cover and cook one hour on high.


Most Helpful

Wow! I followed the recipe as close as I could, but I have a small crockpot, so I had to transfer half to a pot on the stove as well. I also couldn't fit an onion in, but I had HUGE onions,so, it didn't make too much difference. I also probably added a little more broth and cream, due to portion sizes I bought not adding up exactly to the recipe. It made it a little more watery than I liked, but I'm sure next time I make it (soon!) I'll be able to ccounteract that. It tastes great and it made so much. I like crumbling saltines into all my soups so that helped any wateriness. I can't get enough of this. Can't wait to try it again, now that I know what to expect.

Erik P. April 18, 2015

I scaled this recipe down to half so I would't have tons of leftovers. I also cut the bacon down to less than 1/4 lb with no probolems, it still gave plenty of flavor. Due to negligence on my half, the onions became carmelized in the bacon grease (oops) but it added a really nice flavor and color to the soup. I also added 6 oz of heavy cream instead of the recommended amount, just because I like it thicker and I had cut down on the bacon. But this was a really great recipe and would definitely be worth your time! And it WAS NOT difficult to prepare, took only a few minutes to get it going, with chopping and what not, but this was ready in lessa than 1/2 hour ( I prepared on the stoveop and not in the crockpot). I cut the veggies up really small (think smaller than minced ) so dd wouldn't notice them and it worked.I also cooked the potatoes in the broth before adding the miklk (I hate that skin that gets on cooked milk. And I didn't use clams, because she saw me take them out of the cupoboard and immediately began protesting. But I think it would have been even better with clams. I give this 6 stars! Thanks for sharing!!

Elainia December 07, 2006

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