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My husband and I were having a bet to see who could make the best meal using the least amount of money and I won using this recipe. I chose this recipe because I had almost all the ingredients already in the house. And it came out awesome. My husband especially said it tasted so fresh. I omitted the ham and added chopped onion when cooking the chicken.We both loved it a lot and will be making it again!

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Skadoodler September 16, 2003

This was delicious. We live a long distance from any good Chinese places. One night my husband was craving Chicken Chow Mein and so I logged on here, found this recipe, made it, and it was perfect. I added 1/2 c. of carrots and celery for more crunch. We didn't have rice vinegar so I used our garlic flavored red wine vinegar. We didn't have the sesame oil or the oyster sauce, either, and it still had a delicious taste. Since we didn't have the oyster sauce I made a sauce of 1 c. water, 2 tsp. chicken bouillon, and 3 tsp. cornstarch. I mixed this in hoping to give it some more flavor since we were missing the Chinese seasonings. Also, we left out the ham because we prefer chicken. We will definitely make this a lot! And it is very quick!!!

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beccalynn December 07, 2005

How did I miss this recipe before? I was looking for a good chinese recipe to go with the egg roll I had made and froze the week before. Another zaar bud hooked me up with this one. This is very quick to prepare although I did not add the ham and did add some diced carrots and celery. The flavors were excellent. Definitely as good if not better than many chinese restaurant dishes. Thanks Leeann. I will be making this dish often.

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Just Cher September 22, 2003

Truely one of THE BEST recipes I have tried on zaar. And that I don't say often. I made this to go along with my first attempt at homeade eggrolls....we sit down to dinner and BF says, "this is one of the best meals you've ever made". I followed your recipe to the letter EXCEPT...I had no ham, so I didn't add it, and I also added a TBSP of chopped cilantro w/the green onion, at the very end. I want to say it tasted authentic, but it tasted so fresh...even better than authentic. I sound so syrupy here....but this is really a great recipe! A keeper at our house, for sure!

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bratty September 11, 2003

This is dish is authentic tasting and the flavor is SOOOO VERY GOOD!!!! It was my first attempt at making chow mein and it turned out better than the local restaurant's. I added broccoli and omitted ham (because I didn't have any). I will make this dish again. Thanks leeannr for the awesome recipe!

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beckas August 31, 2003

It was good..I would definitely make it again. I also added diced potatoes and some broccoli...would definitely had them again. Tasted just like Lo Mein from from a Chinese Fast Food

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Aarti D. March 10, 2011

This was a GREAT base to work with to get that restaurant flavour! I didn't use ham or green onions but used cabbage, white onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts and celery. The sesame oil and oyster sauce was exactly what I was looking for in authenticity taste. Thank you so much!

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Claire_Beauchamp in Northern BC, Canada November 06, 2009

This wasn't terrible, but it sure wasn't what I was looking for. To me it tasted like dressed up Top Ramen. I didn't add the ham or snow peas, but I know that didn't make much of a difference in my opinion. It did cook up quick though - but pretty disappointing compared to restaurant chow mein.

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hoernig1 July 02, 2008

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was looking for in American restaurant style chow mein. They are usually a light color with a light enhancing flavor, but not overpowering. The oyster sauce gave it a very different flavor. The vegetables were secondary to the sauce. It was a dark sauce, the oyster taste was there which I really didn't care for.

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Narshmellow December 26, 2006

Fantastic recipe. I made a huge batch of chow mein. I added more veggies (bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, celery, mushrooms, ginger and hot sauce). The biggest change I made to this recipe was stir frying the noodles separately from the chicken. I did this to avoid the "sticky" noodles one reviewer mentioned. I added the noodles to the chicken and veggies later on. It worked perfectly.

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JOY1998 July 28, 2006
Chicken Chow Mein