Chicken Chow Mein

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READY IN: 35mins
Recipe by chive flower

Not quite sure how close to a real chicken chow mein this is....(not very i don't think) but this is just my take on it....easy to make and is very filling.

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  1. Marinade -
  2. place the soya sauce and maple syrup into a bowl and add the chicken pieces making sure each piece is well covered in the marinade -- keep in fridge for a few hours if you can -- ( I generally do my marinades straight after breakfast so as to give enough time to penitrate the meats before i cook and serve for lunch.).
  3. - sweat off the onion, garlic and ginger for a few minutes in a wok with the 1/2 the seseame oil -- once tender, place in a bowl - covered to keep warm.
  4. - meanwhile, start steaming the asparagus, green beans, courgettes and carrots in a seperate pan.
  5. - at this point add the noodles to seasoned boiling water and cook until tender and ready.
  6. - once you have taken the onion mix out of the wok, add the rest of the seseame oil and cook off the marinated chicken. I don't usually use the marinade juice as a sauce as i find it too sweet, but you can if you so desire. the chicken will be a darker colour by now too with the marinade. I add the fish sauce to the chicken and water if needed whilst it is finishing to cook. Make sure the chicken is sufficiently covered with the sauce at this point.
  7. - add the steamed vegetables and the onion mix to the wok until completely warmed up.
  8. - place the noodles on a large serving dish and the chicken and vegetable mix on top and cover with tin foil for a few minutes whilst you thicken the sauce (still in the wok) with a little cornflour.
  9. - I tend to serve the sauce on the side so as each person can help themselves to extra if so desired.

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