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Well done! This is a fabulous (and easy!) soup. I cooked my giant sweet potatoes in hot water and peeled them afterward, then pureed them in my food processor (with some of the water from poaching the chicken). Next time I'll use all orange sweet potatoes (what the grocery store calls yams); I'll bet it'll be even better than my two giant yellow sweet potatoes and one orange one! I doubled or maybe even tripled the recipe, using also two cans of broth, one whole chili pepper, and probably 1/3 c cream. Also, this soup is great as leftovers--just as good (or better) than the first night. Edited to add: My second time making this, I used my immersion blender. I just added the peeled potatoes & some poaching liquid to the broth and zzzhhhhhhhh. Fewer dishes & it worked great!

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anonymous23 February 07, 2009

YUM!! This is a lovely soup that's quick 'n easy to prepare. I steamed my sweet potato and poached my chicken, then used the poaching water to thin the soup as in step 6. After starting the recipe I discovered I had no fresh chilli so I used Sambal Oelek (hot chilli paste)Thanks for sharing!

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Stardustannie May 10, 2006
Chicken, Chili and Sweet Potato Soup