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I used the dough from Sicilian Pizza Dough but other than that followed the recipe. I did add a bit more chicken and cream cheese. I agree with the other reviewed I would have liked the crunchy crust better and will add the garlic powder or garlic salt to the filling or to the egg wash. All in all pretty tasty and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks

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Ceezie January 12, 2012

This was very good--the only thing keeping it from being a 5-star recipe for me is that working with the dough was kind of a pain. Otherwise, the flavor was terrific! I am inspired to try the filling in corn tortillas for enchiladas one of these days! I'm not sure 2 washes are necessary--maybe you could add the garlic powder to the egg wash? The butter didn't add a whole lot, and sort of softened the nice crispy crust. Also, I will probably skip the roasted peppers as they didn't add much other than visual appeal. Just MHO. Thanks for a good recipe!!

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smellyvegetarian December 14, 2007
Chicken Chile Stromboli