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This dish was out of this world delicious! I have been trying to find unrated recipes for the Bargain Basement game when I came across this little gem and I am so glad that I did! I really cannot believe that it had not been rated yet because it was fantastic. I followed the directions but I was out of mushrooms and olives (which NEVER happens) and I had no idea what capers were so I added chopped, marinated artichoke hearts when I added the chick peas. I got weird looks from the kids when I served it but everyone cleaned their plates, including my two-year-old. None of the kids even noticed the chopped artichokes! My husband said that he would have paid money for it, and I have to agree. The seasoning amount was spot on (and I did add a shake or two of red pepper flakes) and after trying this, I now definitely prefer red wine over white wine in cacciatore. I also love that the sauce stayed rather thick when most crock pot sauces turn out watery. I served the chicken breast with the sauce and add-ins and it was enough to make a meal without any additional sides. We even wound up with quite a bit of sauce and goodies leftover so I am planning on mixing it with spaghetti for a quick lunch tomorrow. Thank you for posting! This will definitely be made again!

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PSU Lioness July 12, 2012
Chicken Cacciatore - Slow Cooked to Italian Perfection