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This was my first shot at ever using a pressure cooker. I had to substitute an onion for the shallots and used a whole chicken and red pepper based on what I had on hand. The recipe was fantastic and I have a very skeptical picky group of eaters. The sauce was awesome. I liked the red pepper flakes at the end especially. Don't forget to add the garlic with the onions as this step is left out. I cooked it for 9 minutes because of my inexperience. I doubt it made a difference. The chicken was fall apart tender. I am adding this to my regular rotation of recipes.

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Buffalo John January 04, 2009

Chicken cacciatore is one of my favorite foods, but I have never been able to make it turn out as well as others. This recipe is the best I ever had! I love to use my pressure cooker because it is faster. I wish I could give extra stars for using the pressure cooker. I followed the recipe EXACTLY using chicken breasts. Everything was perfectly cooked, the chicken was juicy and tender and the flavor was beyond any chicken cacciatore I've ever had. We had this with baked potatoes (what my mother always made) and a salad. My husband doesn't care much for chicken, but will eat it, and he said he would like me to make this again! If he liked it that much, it has to be good!

With the leftovers, I cooked some pasta, cut up the chicken and heated it in the sauce (which I thickened with a little more tomato paste), and stirred in the pasta when it was done. This made a wonderful pasta dish, too. Thank you, BxChick, for posting

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Choc O Lot June 03, 2012

This was great! I didn't have chicken with bones in it so I left the boneless chicken pieces whole.

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Katjconsult December 26, 2007

LOVE IT! Thank you for posting. This was my first time using my new pressure cooker (old fashioned, not electric). I used boneless chicken and it was frozen and I added frozen cut green beans to the mushrooms. Time didn't even change for the frozen because of the lack of bones. Easy and DELICIOUS!!!!

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jmhill22 January 02, 2015

ANOTHER OPTION - Grandma Tomasini always served her Cacciatore over Polenta. Delicious!!

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granniequilt February 09, 2012

This is a keeper. So delish. fast and easy. The olives and fresh cheese are a must, for this dish.
I just threw all the veg in at once and added some Italian seasoning, than the wine.
added some hot chili paste to the tomato paste. I think next time I will brown the chicken just a tad, for better apperence Served with rice and peas. A devine meal.
TIP...I take a can of tomato paste and put 1 tab. on a piece of wax paper, than put in a frezzer bag. great for when you only need a bit.

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dolores in paradise January 28, 2011

A nice first experience with using a pressure cooker!! I omitted the olives and green pepper and used a can of diced tomatoes. 8 minutes and the chicken was perfectly tender. The flavors were even more developed the next day! Thanks for posting!

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Vino p.o. prn July 09, 2010

This was absolutely lip-smacking delicious. I doubled the recipe and added 10 Johnsonville garlic sausages to the bottom of the pot and tripled the tomato paste because I didn't have a small can and didn't want to waste what was left over. I used more garlic as well, since we like garlic in my house. I served the chicken over broad noodles. Next time I will try brown rice. The sauce is so tasty, it will leave a wonderful taste in your mouth. The kalamata olives are a must. Froze four portions for easy meals down the road.

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aesikora January 03, 2009

I made this chicken cacciatore Recipe best tasting pressure cooker chicken my family has had loved it thanks.

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mangoout2014 January 21, 2015

Delicious kids loved it and at it up. Definitely a keeper. I did brown the chicken first and then took it out and followed recipe as written. At the end i added 3 slices of provolone in addition to the parmasean. This is definitely a keeper. Moist, flavorful and delicious. This will be a new go to recipe!

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Valorie P. July 06, 2016
Chicken Cacciatore (Pressure Cooker)